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The play of to Kill a Mocking Bird. Discuss how you would produce :: English Literature

The play of to Kill a Mocking Bird. Discuss how you would produce the incident in which Atticus shoots the rabid dog "The play of To Kill a Mocking Bird" was adapted from a novel by Harper Lee. The story is set in Maycomb, Alabama in 1935, when racism was rife. The play deals with racism and shows how the blacks were exploited. The play is split into two acts; Act One is about a black man being wrongly accused of raping a white woman. It is in Act Two that the audience finds out that the legal system would wrongly convict a man, just because he is black. There are many incidents which occur in this play, but the one I am going to consider is when Atticus shoots the rabid dog. The part of the play where the incident of Atticus shooting the rabid dog occurs starts with Jean. At this point the spot light would be on Jean as she steps onto the stage and starts speaking. The incident is introduced when she says:- "Then a few weeks later something happened- something that made our father even more of a puzzle. The tension in the town about the approaching trial was getting drum-tight, but what happened had nothing to do with that - it had to do with a liver coloured bird dog called Tim." While Jean says that she would probably be standing at the front of the stage in the spot light. Behind her would be the set; which would comprise of the front of houses in Maycomb. At this point Jem and Scout would enter the stage, with Jem pulling Scout, and talking about Tim; although they do not realise he has rabies. Soon after, Calpurnia, a black housekeeper, would come onto the stage, as though she has just come out of the house; she would be wiping her hands on a tea towel. Calpurnia is not interested in the dog at this moment as she says in a sharp tone:- "What is it Jem? I can't come out every time you want me." It is not until Jem imitates the dogs actions - gulping like a gold fish and hunching his shoulders - that Calpurnia becomes interested. Unsure as to whether to believe Jem, Calpurnia points her finger at Jem and says with her voice hardening:- 'You tellin' me a story, Jem Finch? Jem goes on to explain how the dog is moving, he says 'Just moseyin' - but walkin' funny.' It is then that Calpurnia realises that the dog has rabies, and so hurries inside to call for help. At this point, she would have a

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